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Palmer Spring Company 1930


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Brake and Suspension Specialists Since 1849
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Our Services



  • Suspension repair / replacement
  • Leaf and coil springs for all makes and models of cars - trucks - tractors - trailers - RV's
  • Springs for custom and antique vehicles
  • Fully operational blacksmith shop
  • Custom U-Bolts made on site
  • Tag axles and leg assembles installed
  • Walking beams re-bushed


  • Brake systems repaired / replaced
  • Truck and automobile brake parts
  • Air and hydraulic systems diagnosed and repaired
  • Brake drums and rotors turned and honed
  • ABS diagnostic check / component replacement
  • Brake shoes re-lined


  • Front end repair and alignments
  • Wheel balancing
  • Axles and spindles re-bushed




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