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Brake and Suspension Specialists Since 1849
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About Us

In the Beginning:

In 1848 Joseph Palmer sailed from Liverpool, England to America with the dream of opening his own spring shop. A springsmith by trade, Joseph landed in Boston, Massachusetts and opened the J. Palmer's Carriage Spring Company in 1849. In 1856, finding only modest success in Boston, he relocated the business to Concord, New Hampshire. Joseph set up shop close-by to one of his best customers, the Abbot Downing Coachworks Company. J. Palmer's Carriage Spring Company, later changed to J. Palmer & Co., flourished in Concord for many years. In 1889, J. Palmer and & Co. was again relocated to Charlestown, Massachusetts. Years later Joseph's Son, Joseph Benjamin Palmer, continued the business in Charlestown. By the turn of the century, Joseph Benjamin's 3 sons Richard, Robert, and Reginald were each given a share of the company. It was decided that each brother was to set up their own legally separate spring shops in New England. Richard settled in Portland, Maine, Reginald opened shop in Providence, RI, and Robert took over command of the Charlestown, Massachusetts location.

The Palmer Spring Company in Providence, RI has been in its current location on the corner Dexter and Althea Sts since 1923. Since then, Palmer Spring has expanded its service capabilities to also include complete brake system diagnosis and repair, as well as complete front end repair, balancing and alignments. In 1985, Palmer Spring Co. acquired the Ace Spring Company, also in Providence. 8 years later, in 1993, Palmer Spring bought the Couet Spring Co. located in nearby New Bedford, Massachusetts.

The Couet Spring Company has a rich history of its own. Established in 1869, it has been in its same location since its opening nearly 140 years ago. Like Palmer Spring, it is a family business which has passed its knowledge of the craft and its long-standing tradition down from generation to generation. Couet Spring is a 5 generation spring shop and is the oldest family owned and operated spring shop, (still in its original location), in the United States.

The Palmer Family Generations:

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Generation 1

Joseph Palmer & Daughter (1830-1895)

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Generation 2

Joseph B. Palmer II (1857-1938)

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Generation 3

Reginald B Palmer (1896-1939)

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Generation 4

Reginald B Palmer II (1919-1998)


Generation 5

Douglas W Palmer & Reginald B Palmer III


Generation 6

Ryan D Palmer




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