Frequentally Asked Questions

Frequentally Asked Questions?

You've got questions, we've got answers.

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Brake and Suspension Specialists Since 1849
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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I increase my truck's suspension capacity?
  2. What are some signs that my "suspension needs attention"?
  3. Custom spring work? What about my "Model T" restoration project?
  4. Wait, you do brakes too?
  5. What about steering parts and service? Alignments? King Pin Jobs?

How can I increase my truck's suspension capacity?

  • There are a few options to safely increase capacity. Existing leaf springs suspensions can be replaced with stronger springs. ideally springs are replaced in pairs to prevent the vehicle from leaning. In most cases, replacing worn springs will return the vehicle to its original factory height and capacity. Another option is to add one or more "leaves" to the spring pack. This is often a viable option when the orginal springs are in good shape. This option allows us to produce custom suspensions to fix an existing lean on a vehicle or "dial-in" to a customer's specification. All spring work is done on site to complete the job quickly and with precision.
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What are some signs that my suspension needs attention?

  • If your vehicle seems to "sag" when under a normal load or have uneven wear on your tires, first, check the air pressure in your tires. Second, if you have a leaf spring suspension, check the springs. Are one or more leaves cracked or broken? Is any other suspension component damaged? It is always a good idea to evaluate what you intend to use your vehicle for. Is it often used to tow a heavy trailer, or carry a load of wood, or maybe a sander or snowplow in the winter? Each of these put a different demand on your vehicle's suspension. Palmer Spring can help build and install a suspension system to meet your needs.
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Custom Spring Work

  • Palmer Spring proudly offers a fully operational blacksmith facility to produce leaf springs for any make and model vehicle ever made. Everything from Stanley Steamers and Model T's to muscle and racecars.
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Brake Service

  • Palmer Spring's service department will also diagnose all brake systems and components. Our trained technicians can pin-point air brake or hydraulic brake issues. Our in-house brake shoe relining facility ensures availability and a quality product.
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Steering Parts & Service

  • Palmer Spring can diagnose and repair many front end problems. We can repair or replace steering components as well as balance tires and align axles. We also offer steering axle rebushing.
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